Google buys Feedburner. Told you so :-)

Steven | Google | Friday, 25 May 2007 - 09:41

About 2 weeks ago I wrote Feedburner would be an interesting Google acquisition. Yesterday I learned Google actually bought Feedburner. Wow, good prediction!
For real, it was a wild guess. Obviously I saw the buzz in the blogosphere last week, but at the time of writing my mind was clear.

Claudio pointed out this news in the comments of my previous post. See the TechCrunch post here. They paid $100 million. Not bad, but in my mind the value is even higher.

In the same comments, Philippe, who’s a Microsoft employee, tells he’s more stirred by the Feedburner acquisition than the DoubleClick acquisition. I can truly imagine! Buying DoubleClick is brute force, buying media reach. Buying Feedburner is more subtle. It’s about added value. The latter will improve Google’s product range.
Also not most of the buzz last week was about contextual ads in rss. This is a nice possibility, but not the one that crossed my mind first. In my mind the best part is the integrated blogging approach: measurement, rss, video (youTube), ..

So it’s time for Microsoft to make the next move :-)
Let the battle over Technorati begin!

BTW: I switched to a feedburner PRO account yesterday. By incidence before I heard the news. We’ll see how it evolves and how great the pro package is.


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