Google’s next acquisition?

Steven | Google | Sunday, 13 May 2007 - 17:10

If I were Google, I definitely would go for feedburner.

Face it, it’s a perfect match.
- It’s all about data
- It’s largely used
- It’s best on the market
- There is a business model behind
- It works very well
- It’s an innovating company (they add new features all the time)
- It’s a perfect addition for AdSense
- It’s a perfect addition for Google Analytics

Concerning this latter: I just want my stats to be integrated (easily, without tweaking). I have a good amount of readers on my RSS feed (according to feedburner) and a growing number of visitors on my blog as well. There is an overlap, I just don’t know the scale. I don’t know who’s clicking through, and I can’t guess why.

So Google, I heard you guys had some cash left. Just go for it (and pay me finders fee :) )

Added value, indeed.

Next: Technorati.


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