Grijze Garnalen

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns,Random Thoughts | Monday, 30 November 2009

This blog post is mainly in Dutch, but I’ll do an English intro. After the read more, I’ll continue in Dutch with .. a recipe!

What’s a recipe doing here. Well first of all I really enjoy cooking, and I’m asked to participate in a cooking contest, so how could I say no? Second, it’s actually a good campaign, so apart from the recipe, the case fits this blog anyway.

The brief: can you come up with a recipe using brown shrimps, post about it on your blog and link to – in it for me: they pay the shrimps and I can win a trip to the Wadden sea and do all shrimp related things.

Euh yeah, I love this idea. It’s a great and engaging campaign, build around the product (the shrimp), involving people, let them be creative. You know, the brown shrimp (we call it grey actually) is a very tasteful shrimp, nothing like this pink crap they serve all around the world. It’s a local here product, and it’s been fished in the North sea, mostly in the Netherlands, and Germany, but also in Belgium. So Belgians know this shrimp, and they like it! For us, it’s the default shrimp.

Anyway, the campaign is set-up or supported by the great adhese folks.

The rest of the entry will be Dutch, but I’ll show you a picture of the end result. It was very good if I might say so :-)


In search of Magnolia

Steven | Random Thoughts | Sunday, 22 November 2009

If you like movies, like I do, I’m glad to present you a new project I started a week ago. A movie blog titled “In search of Magnolia”

Basically I will review the movies I see and write about some other movie stuff.

The name of the blog means that I’m looking for the thrill I experienced when I first saw the movie Magnolia by PT Anderson.

Inspiring Facebook campaign

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Friday, 20 November 2009

You know, we always tell our clients that if they want to do something on social networks, it’s critical to follow the dynamics of that network. If you reach out, reach out. Don’t try to force people into doing stuff they don’t know, have to learn, doesn’t make sense for them, .. they probably won’t do it anyway.

It’s not always easy to properly translate these network dynamics into a proper campaign. Something that feels perfect for the brand. Ideally renewing.

Today, I saw the perfect example of this philosophy. It’s a campaign for IKEA, apparently done by the agency Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg. I love it.

(hat tip Patrice Fleurquin)