Brand competition

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns,Random Thoughts | Tuesday, 03 March 2009

Last week I was asked to participate in a Belgian initiative called Merkencompetitie/Competition des Marques, translated brand competition. It’s an annual research, by the ad agency LDV United and their IT partner Made4IT. The idea is to research national brands, and see how they compete to each other.

image It’s an open research and you can participate here: (only Dutch and French). The list is quite long, so you have to reserve some time. I know there is some hassle about the usability, but I have to say in the end it worked for me. It’s just a long list, and there simply is no way to make this work faster/better/stronger I guess.

So obviously the more people attending, the better the competition will be, so go ahead :)

If you finish the competition, you can compare yourself with some Belgian bloggers, and see who’s most in line with you. For me that would be Imke Dielen and Sideburns.


Here’s the complete list of bloggers in there at this point:

If you’re a blogger yourself and want to be listed, just contact Janso.

Pretty curious about the results!