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Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns,Random Thoughts | Monday, 12 October 2009 - 10:19

Here’s a tip that could come in handy if you ever do email communication. It’s rather obvious, but I see so many emails fail against it.


As on the web, search is becoming big on email. The reason is obvious: storage is getting cheaper, more mails are coming in and search functionalities are getting better.

How many of you get emails on a regular basis that you want to follow-up not just right now, but a bit later? Then forget about it, till suddenly you remember it, having a hard time finding back that particular email .. I know I do!
(Yeah, there are tricks, but they stopped working for me years ago. + it’s not about me/you. If I fail in finding emails back, you can be sure your audience does even worse ..)

How can an email be non findable? There are 3 ways I see now (might be more).

1. You use only images, or have the core of your message in images.
2. Although you use text, somehow the text doesn’t contain the keywords people might search on. Think about the message of your email, what search terms might people use to find it back? Maybe you can just add some tags at the bottom of the email?
3. Gmail, Google’s email service, which is quite popular nowadays, for some reason only finds whole words, at least default. If you for example search for “poker”, gmail won’t return emails with the term “pokertable”. Microsoft Outlook is doing better here. Not sure about other popular clients.

I believe in the not too distant future it will pay off to apply some SEO insights on emails as well.

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