Could I be Charlie?

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns,multimedia | Saturday, 20 September 2008

I was wondering why Ryan Carson was dressed like like Willy Wonka on twitter the other day, and now I know. He IS Willy Wonka, handing out a golden ticket to all Carsonified events next year. Read abut it here.

To make me Charlie, i need your help. To qualify I need 25 comments on this blog post! So bring it on.

What an excellent marketing technique! It’s totally in place, right target group, right execution .. love it! It’s not cheap, it’s right.

The Carsonified events are probably better known under the name “Future of ..” like Future of Web Aps (FOWA), Future of Web Design (FOWD), Future of Mobile (FOW) .. see them all on the website.
As for me, I’m attending FOWA in London in a few weeks together with my buddy Stijn (who’s applying for Charlie as well). Some excellent speakers, including Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose (!!!).


Steven | Random Thoughts | Saturday, 20 September 2008

Some post for my Dutch speaking readers.
If you’re interested in interactive marketing digimedia isn’t probably a new site for you. Where other initiatives failed, digimedia succeeded the last couple of years to build an excellent platform reporting on the what’s going on in the mainly Belgian sphere.

The website is run by the best possible editor in chief for this job, the excellent Jean-Paul De Clerck. Having a trackrecord in interactive media and publishing, there’s no one better thinkable.

But something changed below the surface. Digimedia was a joint venture between JP’s content company i-Scoop and the Best of Publishing concern. Only recently BOP acquired the full share of the platform.

JP is still staying editor in chief (as a contractor) and I’m very pleased about this. In my believe digimedia is what it is because of him, so I hope he’ll stay for a while. I also hope he made a decent amount of money out of the deal, totally deserves it! :)

New constellation, new look and feel. I’m not completely pleased with the job Tagora did (some bugs, some things I myself would do different), but this really is the site with content first. As for me, I usually visit the site once a week, after the newsletter kicks in. Although generally reasonable informed, I learn something new every week!