Where’s Post-it to respond??

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The new EepyBird experiment.

Remember the Mentos and Coke fountains? This one is from the same guys.They made instant internet history, but from a marketing perspective it was interesting (and sad) to see how long it took before Mentos as well Coke jumped on the hype. If I’m correct Mentos was the first to act, and coke was very hesitant. But in the end they decided that it was wise to jump on the bandwagon after all. Wise decision indeed, the original clip is viewed over 7 million times to date. That’s 7 million + brand impressions.

The new clip takes sticky-notes to the limit. Yes, it says sticky-notes and not post-it as we all call the generic today (we all agree that’s the best position a brand can get, right). The clip is very recent, but even then I can’t believe Post-it isn’t there. Especially since the guys found a sponsor in OfficeMax, a supplier. I guess they must have contacted 3M (the company that manufactures Post-it) but they didn’t say the power of it and didn’t catch the bait (or were to slow). Of course this is just a guess, because there is a sponsor and it’s not Post-it. And this is sad! But way to go OfficeMax, and EepyBird of course!!

Hat tip: Tom Vanlerberghe