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Steven | Random Thoughts,twitter | Thursday, 19 February 2009 - 18:46

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately .. to say the least :)


Was/am quite busy. At Nascom, my new job, but personally as well. I moved together with my GF in our brand new beautiful house we bought some time ago, and there was and still is loads of work to do. Add to that the fact I still don’t have decent internet at home (I help myself with a GPRS/UMTS stick with pretty bad connection) and you might understand why it is so quite out here. But I promised myself I would blog more, or better, this year, and this is a promise I want to keep. Good stuff coming up!

As for now, you can always follow me on twitter. I’m not extremely active there (should you?) but you can follow my updates on a regular basis.

I figured out, because it’s my birthday today, I at least could post something short here, and so I did! :)

2 more short things:
1/ Very pleased Paddy Donnelly joined us at the recently born Tactics Squad (TaSQ) at Nascom. I met Paddy about half a year ago with the big word project, and having him here now is just a proof how important it is to jump on opportunities. Paddy is an Irishman living in Belgium now, and he’s absolutely great!
2/ We just launched a European Style contest for the Sony VAIO P-series (great equipment!). It still need some tweaks, but it’s great thing. Check it out here, as well as the showcase we did just before. Great work from Nascom, pleased to be here!


More to come, soon!


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