Are you reaching your potential?

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Monday, 21 April 2008

Probably not, but anyway :)

Another great Monster Ad

Hat Tip: Crusty on Twitter


Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Wednesday, 16 April 2008

What better way to express joy? I love this commercial. It intensifies the promises of the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand.

Twitter marketing – get the message out

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns,twitter | Monday, 14 April 2008

Twitter is more than talking to your friends and followers. It’s also a good tool to communicate a product or service to a large bunch of people (that you don’t know just yet). But how do you communicate to this people who don’t follow you? Simple: follow them. They’ll get an email someone is following them, and if they’re not a hot shot like Joseph Jaffe of Guy Kawasaki with 1000ths of followers, they’re probably intrigued and want to check out who and what. At least I am.

Example, today I got the message WPZOOM started to follow me. It’s not that I started to follow back instantly, but at least I checked out the twitter page and the website: It’s a website about wordpress themes and so on. Quite nice it seems.

So what can be learned:
- Following people can be a good way to intrigue people and make a conversion later on.
- However, make sure you target your target group. It’s too easy to just start following all kind of people. You need to have a connection with the audience.
- Also take care about your twitter page. The tweets you post, the image you choose, the description .. they all build up on your image, and you only get one chance.

So a nice way to communicate, it’s kind of neath: you follow someone and don’t force anyone to do something back. Now let’s hope this won’t be used by spammers to frequently ..


Steven | management,marketing, advertising & campaigns | Friday, 11 April 2008

Find our own identity, I guess ..wulffmorgenthaler

And here’s some free management advicedilbert2008458440410

Have a nice day!

Join the conversation – or not

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Thursday, 10 April 2008

I like this

By The Kaiser.
Hat tip: Kris Hoet

I’m a S60 Ambassador!

Steven | Random Thoughts | Thursday, 10 April 2008


On the picture you see me evangelizing :)

S60 is the platform that powers, amongst others, the Nokia N-series (which is what I use and why I’m in the platform).

To be honest, I thing the platform is great, but I must say my N80 is getting EOL ..
I joined the ambassador platform because I want to learn more about the platform, and because they promised us cool stuff :)

I don’t categories the t-shirt I’m wearing as cool stuff, but it was just for the picture (which is btw taken with an i-phone, that’s why i’m looking shit, lol). So if you want the shirt let me know!

Or you can get your own shirt by joining the platform yourself.

So expect some S60 posts later on this blog. If you have something to say about s60, feel completely free and we’ll discuss it.


Steven | Random Thoughts | Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Yesterday I was invited by the people of Boondoggle to dine together with them and some other bloggers. The occasion: they introduced us their new blog called b-side. They figured a decent celebration was needed to welcome their love child, and that’s what it was.

You can discover Boondoggle’s b-side on the known url:


Since they paid me diner I have to say some nice things, but not too nice, they’re still competition :-)
No just kidding, I promised to be objective, and I will be.

I think Boondoggle (or i-merge at the time) definitely set the standard for agency blogging here in Belgium. I can only acknowledge we at These Days suck at it, but hey we’re better at other things, no shame.
The blog started as a collection of links / articles / .. and so on. Tom thought it would be interested to centralize all knowledge, and share it! Turned out to be a killer idea, and I-wisdom (as the blog was called at the time) just kept on growing. Sure they reposted a lot, but in the end I guess it turned out to be the strenght of i-wisdom. A view to the world of marketing and communication so to say.
Boonbloggle was just a minor rebranding. New name, new layer of paint, but not much new.
B-side is more radical for sure. Fresh new layout and information architecture. It’s looking good, and has some gimmicks to spice things up. Viva Peter in Hawaii mood :) . It seems a lot more audio/visual as well. High expectations.

On the diner yesterday they showed us a list with the 10 most popular posts ever. With a short explanation. Quite fun, hope the list will be posted to the b-side as well.

So guys, enjoyed hanging out with you. I wish you the very best with blog v3 and I’m sure it will rock! Keep blogging! Cheers.