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Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Wednesday, 04 June 2008

On Mix essentials they showed this great video about the use of al kind of Microsoft stuff in your live.
Earlier today, we were talking about this video (I was inspired by it) but I couldn’t find it online. Luckily Katrien De Graeve came to the rescue and she pointed me to Miels blog. Here’s the video!

More info @ MicroMiel

Inspiration, anyone? Teaser!

Steven | marketing, advertising & campaigns | Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Remember last years Bring The Love Back campaign by Microsoft Advertising.

Well, I just saw at Kris that the sequel is coming up.
To promote this new movie (called "Inspiration, anyone?") a teaser was released. Really .. a teaser, with the proper voice-over and everything.

Kudo’s to Geert Desager from Microsoft (hope you enjoy Asia). As well to the production company Caviar an the agency Open Here.
Rumor has it this wouldn’t be so great without a certain guy named Mathias. Long live the account manager, so take him to the shooting next time :-)